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Wild – Honest – Organic – Sensual – Free

composition, arrangements, artwork, guitars, vocals, recording, endurance

the loving space between the notes, vocals, cajon, shaker

The time of format radio has found an obvious ending in the Austrian live scene!
Viva la Evolución!
Manu Chao flirts with Twin FX while Jimi Hendrix and Paco de Lucia share a body.
Bob Dylan discovers his loop pedal in which J. S. Bach reincarnated as a hippie rock star.
“If Pablo J could only be put into words … You just have to experience this band live to get the full benefit of their magic.”
Sensual attachment to the earth pulsates with urban coolness and meditative listening meets with ecstatic dances. Profound spiritual texts resonate in a non-alcoholic club atmosphere.
Organically, each set evolves in a unique way.
Skillfully, Pablo J connects the worlds.
Sometimes driving cajon beats sweep through a Boss GT6, then again give three chord songs highly complex compositions the hand.
> There is hardly a taboo left here. <
Originality: Welcome!
Predicate: Beyond Limitations!


the natural sound transducers.

Whenever it is possible we play our concerts with this revolutionary sound system – the natural sound transducers.
The natural sound transducers allow a unique holographic, spatial sound reproduction with a sound radiation, which corresponds to the laws of nature.
Through spherical sound waves, a three-dimensional, spatially precise and very fine sound is created, thus ensuring maximum listening pleasure.

Further information about the natural sound transducers can be found on the dealer page:

Viva la Evolución Mini-Serie

Inspiring – Uplifting – Magic

Viva la Evolución – The mini-series to the album.
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Mooving Sounds     

VIRTUAL VIRTUOSITY foto by Malena Wolf - Upcoming release 2018 - The Album for lovers of music, guitar players and so called „freaks of nature“. When I leave this world I know for sure I payed my dues to all the ones befor me and leave something behind to discover for the generations to come. Love, Pablo J How did it come to this Album?! Cavemen were able to make art that matters up to this day just with a burnt stick on a cavewall. So I said to myself I might be able to do something special with my guitar, recording device and a mac book pro... _________________________________________ Previous compositional works of Pablo J: