Plattencover Viva FB

VIVA LA EVOLUCIÓN 2016 -> the journey continues!!!
this is a sweet foretaste of the album cover

Thanks a lot to Silvia & “Villa Kunterbunt” for this unforgettable fotoshooting.
A biiig thanks to the whole tribe for their support,
thanks to family, friends, fans, strangers and all beings accompanying us on our way…if it be laughing, crying, singing, dancing,…
We feel blessed to know you are here with us!
<3 Next chance to celebrate with us: !This saturday! 5.März 2016, 21:00 AVALOKA

fotographer: Silvia Wimmer
Photoshopart: Malena Heincz (thanks Malena for the ***Photoshopmagic***), Sabine Johanna Mader, Pablo Johann

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