NATURSCHALLWANDLER – Holographic Speaker System

For the special sound experience, we also play concerts with the Naturschallwandler – Holographic Speaker-Systems.

Enjoy a concert experience in a class of its own
Apart from the music, which has the intention of holistic healing this speaker system already brings a healing effect from the nature of the speakers.

This particular speaker system is healing for our ears,
for people with hearing impairments there are also special application options for the regeneration of the sense of hearing.

“The Acoustic Hologram
When two spherical sound waves created by
Naturschallwandler®n interfuse a special three
dimensional acoustic space is formed “the acoustic
It ist he creation of the original sound with its energy and
quality in the existing room of the listener Hologram
literally means an authentic and whole (Holos) message
(Gramma) – an experience of particular clearity and
Naturschallwandler® create a natural sound space.
The technological basis is formed by the universal
physical laws of directionality and resonance space.The
sound produced without pressure can be felt and
strengthens the perception of sound in the whole body.
The holographic space is expression of an accordance
with a higher order pervading all things.

The Human sense of hearing:
The ear is attributed a prior importance even at an
embryonal state of evolution. It is the first developed
organ of perception. Every living organism, even a single
cell, perceives in the first place waves and vibrations.
Nature perfectly equipped us with a three dimensional
sense of hearing.
So we are able to perceive the world and its sound
acoustically and spatially from all directions.The
processing of this complex information involves the
activation of many areas of the brain.
A sound sense of hearing gives us
confidence and clear spatial
orientation. Where am I – where
are the others? You cannot see
through walls but hear through

“Since ancient times the joy of sounds and music is
deeply rooted in human beings. The sensation of musical
beauty is an important source of our well-being.
Sounds arouse our feelings and inspire us – we can relax,
allow ourselves to be touched and dream. Music
nourishes our body, mind and soul.
In conversation we not only hear the words but also have
a feeling what another person wants to communicate.
With our sense of hearing we have a connection with
everything that surrounds us.”

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