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August 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

The picture captured a beautiful moment from my concert at the “Heile Welt” opening.
“Heile Welt” signifies something like ideal world.
It was strange for me to play in a chapel with a huge cross behind me, since I am not a fan of that symbol and what it has been used for the last couple of centuries.
Keeping people ignorant and obedient comes to mind,
hiding and destroying empowering knowledge,
spreading the thought of “not being worthy” and the surpression of our natural urges.
Christine Wagner, the owner of an Austrian herb maufacture called “Heile Welt”, a women with definitly a lot of wisdom and knowledge about plants. She can be called an progressive activist for reconnecting with nature. Christine shares very fundamental wisdom about living in harmonie with our surrounding nature.
If you are interessted in that kind of wisdom I highly recommend a visit! Here you find info about her (in German) and the contact details. She speaks English as well…

Pablo J LIVE!

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20/08/2014 stagetime 22:30
“Das Werk”

22/08/2014 stagetime 20:00
The Birth







“Heile Welt”








19/09/2014 stagetime 19:00
“Summer Exit Clubnight”

Flyer Vienna City Beach Club


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In the middle of nowhere Bulgaria.
Sitting on an Austrian bus station with some time on my hands I followed a spontaneous invitation to the land of the uneven beats.
After a 14 hour bus ride, 2 hours by car and 15 hours walking/climbing with heavy luggage we reached our destination,
a magical place on the top of the so called mountain RILA.
The translation of Rila is “Holy Mountain” according to the Dalai Lama. He said Bulgarian ancestors once where neighbors with the Tibetans. There is a mystical kind of vibe on this mountain where the bears and wolfs say good night to each other.
This journey taught me something about Sufi tradition in music, buddhist customs and I fell in love with the Kaval, a chromatic end-blown flute traditionally played throughout Bulgaria with very rich sound textures. Check it out!!!
Back in civilisation sitting in front of my computer writing to you this experience almost seems like a vivid dream…
Inspiration for the soul
Много поздрави!

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