Live Concert

For many years I have had the pleasure of sharing music on stages around the world, from concerts in the stadium in front of ten thousand people, to weddings, funerals, christenings, parties and ceremonies in many forms.
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Your Soulsong

Composing songs of power
and creating a video for you
tailored to your
individual astrology.
(also makes a wonderful gift)

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Guitar Lessons

🌟⛩🎸🐢🎶⛩🌟 [GER/ENG] You want to know what multidimensional music & guitar lessons are?! 🎸 Ich gebe wieder Musik und Gitarrenunterricht, für Menschen ab 6 – 120 Jahre. 🎶 #guitar #musiclessons #multidimensional #fortheloveofmusic 🌟
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Personal Coaching

I love to support people to step into their full potential.
My life has been a very eventful one so far. After many ups and downs, growing up in a children’s village, losing my parents, encountering death and illness,
through grace i began to encounter wisdom keepers from all over the world who taught me the art of healing.
With the blueprint of Mayan Cosmovision we can check your life, from the childhood to adulthood and the so called “desitiny” of your life.
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Peace in Movement

* Exercise & practice group *
for physical, mental and spiritual fitness.
We move together for a healthy connection of body, mind and soul.

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